How to Keep Fabulous!

Hello all!

They call it “Beauty sleep” and it really is! Getting seven to eight hours sleep daily is key to waking up feeling energetic and well rested.

In dry climate is very important to keep your skin moist and there are a variety of  daily moisturizers out there that will do the trick and you don’t have to spend a lot, unless you can and want to. Many day creams come with SPF which is my next point here WEAR SUNBLOCK! Do you want age spots and wrinkles before your time?… didn’t think so.

Wash your face morning and night even if you don’t wear make up. This is important to remove dirt, pollution and pore clogging oils.

When it comes to eating… vegetables, fruits and avoiding fried foods is always best! Also, daily multi vitamins are a good addition to our diet.
Exercising is great as it increases circulation and it can reduce stress :).

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