We make choices every single day. Some are small and insignificant and some are pretty big and can change our whole life. Overall choices are a big part of our everyday life. Choices are opportunities, options. Options are great and opportunities are always just around the corner. The key is to be brave enough to make a choice and see the opportunity that comes with it.

Being able to change our life, our ways, allows us to grow as individuals and learn a little more about whom we are. I personally see change as a positive thing in my life. New opportunities and adventures. I embrace making a choice and seeing which direction it will take me. But it is not always easy, specially when it takes us out of our comfort zone.

Pay attention to how many times you are faced with making a choice in a day. You will see what I mean. Making a choice can lead to a new friendship, a new love, a new career, a new house, a new city, a new car, a new vacation destination, a new anything really...So, don't be afraid to make  choices because without realizing it you make them all the time. But we take for granted the small choices and allow the big ones to hide behind fear, fear of the unknown. Fear of stepping out of our comfort zone.

We put making big difficult decisions or  choices  "on hold" and you know what? It is the big choices that bring life changing, amazing opportunities into our lives! A change that is better in the end.
In my own personal experience all the big scary choices I had to make and still make...have led to nothing but amazing surprises and happiness... in the end. The big picture is not as scary as it may seem. Opportunity is always knocking. Open doors, step through, and make the choice :).


With love.


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