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INSIGHTS & Personal

Insights are motivational and inspirational. Reading, listening to a message that resonates with you at the exact moment you need it the most. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Do you ever recognize those "signs", messages from up above that come to you in different forms. A song might come on the radio, a friend or family member might write to you or speak to you and a word or phrase will click! A book, a video, it could be anything really. But when you have those moments where you feel in need of that something you are not sure what  and then a certain word sparks a positive motivational thought... to be aware and present. That is the beauty of it.

I read insights and quotes daily, not only do I read them but I study them and share them with the world. Why? Because I care! What I love and works for me I share with you. It is my way to share and send my love for humanity. Sitting here in my moms kitchen as she just came home today from the hospital after surgery a couple…

The Power of THOUGHTS

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are ideas, opinions produced by thinking. Thoughts are the start of a want, a wish, a desire. You think of something you want and if you put emotion and effort into that thought you are sure to obtain that which you wish to have. No doubt.

See, your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your vibration.  Think positive, feel positive, attract positive. No matter what always try to have positive thoughts.
Practice control over your thoughts. How do you do this? Every time you have a thought that puts you in a negative, upsetting vibration or makes you feel upset or sad or uncomfortable. Realizing the effect that thought has on you is the first step. All you do after realizing that this particular thought doesn't serve you is redirect or shift that thought right away to a positive.
Always be aware of your feelings and emotions. Be present within yourself. Very important to realize when your thoughts and emotions are changing and und…