Detox from Judgement

Awhile ago now, I was lucky that a great friend of mine shared Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie course with me which helped me to deal and detox from judgement. But what does it mean to 'detox' from judgement? Judgement is a bad habit we all have, unfortunately. I learned through this course how to kick this habit. I am sharing this with you so keep reading. Keep this in mind, we tend to judge ourselves a lot and we are also hard on ourselves.
Judgement is a habit and happens when we separate from love. Unfortunately no matter how amazing and good of a person you are, you judge. We judge ourselves and we judge others. 

There are exercises you can do to cut loose from this habit, takes practice and commitment but definitely can be done. The key is to first recognize the thought, then forgive yourself for being judgemental, ask God or Spirit to reinterpret the thought, turn it over to Spirit, back to love. Of course there are more details involved but I won’t get into that right now. I just wanted to share this with you and if you are interested in learning more please drop me a line.Overcoming  fear and knowing how to connect back to spirit/God/Love when we feel blocked because of fear, was another part of this course. I did write a blog on fear and codependency.. please refer to that blog as it is a great read! You will find this blog titled Fear and Codependency at

I loved this course and put it into practice right away! Starting with myself! This is personal stuff I am sharing here but I understand my role as a blogger and that is to put myself out there and be honest, as these are the topics I feel called to talk about.

All the feelings we feel sit in  certain parts of our bodies and after recognizing that, in my case this particular feeling of fear and judgement sat in my throat and felt heavy. I did a meditation exercise that’s how I know and can tap into it. This was now over a year ago. I am glad I can Reiki heal myself  because this load needed to go lol and does not mean I am  judgemental because I am not, or afraid. But we carry these feelings and habits from our whole life and when we learn to recognize and tune into it, it is then that we can clear and heal from all the baggage from our past.

Another thing I still need to work on is concentrating on one thing a at time. How many of us struggle with this one? I have like 3 important things to me, I wanna achieve like right now lol Must keep this in mind "One thing at a time or none get done right." I will turn to meditation and Reiki for help with this struggle of mine. To help me master patience and give priority to one project at a time… I could have written another blog on just this… lol

I wrote a blog on Emotional Energy Centers of the Body you should read as well. 
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