My Top 5 Tips to a Happier Life

Here are my top 5 things I do that changed my life! 

1- Gratitude
2- Self love
3- Forgiveness 
4- Open mindedness 
5- Saying No 

Let me explain :):
Have gratitude in your heart for what you have and the good people in your life. When you do this daily, you realize even more how lucky you are and start counting your blessings. Positive feelings take over your body and mind leading the way to a good start of your day.

To have self love is to accept yourself with all your flaws and to understand that you are human, you will make mistakes and You will learn from them. Do not be hard on yourself. Life is a school and you are a student. When you love yourself you open your heart to love others. Love is a magical thing and we are all deserving of love.

To forgive not only others that have done you wrong but also forgive yourself. This is key to happiness. Forgiving those whom have done you wrong doesn't make you weak it makes you free! Without forgiveness in your heart you hold a grudge. A grudge is like a chain that holds you down. It is like a dark cloud over you. Forgive yourself for everything you think you did that might have hurt others. And forgive yourself for being hard on yourself.

To be open-minded is to have a better understanding of yourself and the people that surround you. The people in your community and the people in your family. To be accepting of their ways without judgment. After all we are all different and that's what makes this world even more interesting! 

Last but not least learn how to say no! Make sure that when people ask you to do something you are truly okay with that. You don't have to say yes to everything people ask you to do. Understand that saying NO doesn't make you selfish or a bad person. So before saying YES to anything please make sure you're not saying NO to yourself!

These 5 things I share with you with love,



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