Gratitude & Happiness

I can not express it enough the importance of gratitude, counting our blessings and being appreciative of what we have here and now. Gratitude helps us fight off negative feelings. It shifts our thoughts from negative to positive. It changes our attitude we are happy, positive, enthusiastic, and that is overall awesome in all aspects of our lives.

Gratitude is the most Important attitude we can acquire and the most life-changing! When we are grateful for what we have now It comes back to us in the form of more of what we want. We can lead by example with our positive attitude and appreciation, so people around us can feel  our positive vibration and adapt gratitude as well.

This has changed my life so much so that I am spreading the word live on social media. On my business FB page @alternativehealingwithme and Twitter Alternative Medicine @ReikiEFT. Monday to Friday 8:15am MDT on FB and 8:25 on Twitter. I invite you to join me on SM and soon on YouTube :) 

Every morning when I wake up I say my gratitude out loud, 10 things I’m grateful, every day. I write it down! I work with people helping them with gratitude, affirmations and setting intentions. I love seeing the transformations in peoples lives once they bring this into their daily routines. Contact me I can work with you and help you with this, bringing gratitude into your daily routine. 

In faith,



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