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Insights are motivational and inspirational. Reading, listening to a message that resonates with you at the exact moment you need it the most. Isn't that a wonderful feeling? Do you ever recognize those "signs", messages from up above that come to you in different forms. A song might come on the radio, a friend or family member might write to you or speak to you and a word or phrase will click! A book, a video, it could be anything really. But when you have those moments where you feel in need of that something you are not sure what  and then a certain word sparks a positive motivational thought... to be aware and present. That is the beauty of it.

I read insights and quotes daily, not only do I read them but I study them and share them with the world. Why? Because I care! What I love and works for me I share with you. It is my way to share and send my love for humanity. Sitting here in my moms kitchen as she just came home today from the hospital after surgery a couple of days ago. I feel guided to write and so I am. Write for you. So many changes in my life lately, new city, new home, new car :), new clients, new everything! Feeling a little overwhelmed at times but without expectations nor judgment about the present moment or circumstance. Just accepting and embracing the big change and holding strong faith and belief that I am where I need to be and this moment is perfect as it is, right now.

See, I am only in control if this moment now. I can not judge it nor not love it because it is all I know right now. That make sense to you? It took me 4 decades to understand this. To come to know and understand  me. I am happy and grateful to have this new relationship with myself and not worry or stress as my faith and understanding of life has given me new strength and love for the unknown. I am at the point where every morning I am excited to see what the day is going to bring my way. Sometimes it is lots and other days not much but I feel the same and I am present in each moment and when I feel as if I am off track, I bring myself right back to where I need to be.
Thank you for reading my blog and trying to understand me :).



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